A Monster Among Us - Golden Ratio Amongus Art Challenge

get ratioed (in a good way)

A Monster Among Us - Golden Ratio Amongus Art Challenge

You may have seen a popular meme going around in the art community lately featuring the characters from the hit videogame Among Us used as tips in art tutorials.
The idea of this trend is that the shape of the Among Us characters are so simple and easy to draw that you can use them as a reference to draw almost anything! Though it seems silly, this idea actually plays on the popular idea of the Golden Ratio in art and encourages artists to break complex forms down into simpler, more cohesive shapes. Learning how to see the shapes that make up more complex forms– and drawing them as Among Us–  can actually help you develop your artistic skills!

What is the golden ratio?

"The golden ratio, also known as the divine proportion, is a special number (equal to about 1.618) that appears many times in geometry, art, and architecture. The golden ratio is found when a line is divided into two parts such that the whole length of the line divided by the long part of the line is also equal to the long part of the line divided by the short part of the line.

Some shapes, such as dodecahedrons and icosahedrons, have inherent golden ratios in their dimensions and spatial positions of their intersecting lines. Some artists and architects believe that the golden ratio makes the most beautiful shapes. As a result the ratio can be found in many famous buildings and artworks, such as those by Leonardo da Vinci." -(Museum of Science, Boston, Activity: Golden ratio 2022)

In this tweet below, artist Kylelord shows how the shape of Among Us fits with the Fibonacci Sequence, a popular visual representation of the Golden Ratio.

Unlock the secrets to drawing using the power of Among Us!

Okay, so first of all, how do we draw an "Amongus?" A simple, bean-like set of shapes; the characters of Among Us are actually really approachable and easy to draw, as demonstrated below by the artist VKW_Art.

So, now that we are familiar with the basic shapes, we can begin to harness the power of Among Us to construct our character.

It all starts with the Amongus eyes. At first we found out that an Amongus with shoes is the perfect recipe for creating crying anime eyes; This came about after someone noticed the Among Us shape in this beautiful character work by Twitter artist cursedpairing.

This awesome artwork inspired a whole trend online of drawing #amongus. Now, we have this nifty eye chart created by Fuolume on Twitter! Pick your favorite Amongus shape to start drawing eyes and go from there!

Next, as you continue drawing your character's face you may be thinking "wow, I wish there was a cheat like this for drawing noses!" Well luckily for you artist Kosushiroll shows us how to use the power of Amongus to draw our character's nose.

Among Us nose

Next, you may be inspired to finish the head of your character with some ears and hair!  Ears are often a source of strain for artists, and the techniques for rendering hair can be very difficult to learn– or rather, they would be without the Golden Ratio of Amongus. Kosushiroll shows us how to render the hair of our character below, and the artist The_Mobslayer then adds their expertise on ears to the equation.

You can even draw one of the artists most notorious enemies, the hands and nails, easily by using the Amongus characters as DanyArgus and Kosushiroll both demonstrate below! Dany shows us an easy way to flip the Amongus and create a basic hand shape.

After hands, then comes the nail tutorial!

Among Us Fingers 

Now, put this all together with this tutorial from EightyFourArt on drawing a portrait with Amongus, and you'll have a whole entire character ready to go!

There's even an Among Us tutorial to teach us how to render ABS!! This example below was brought to us by the art wizard andiegyanko!

And when you're done creating your Amongus art, you can even find a way to easily animate your character with this helpful post by kekeflipnote!

Maybe your character is feeling a bit lonely; no worries, you can use the Golden Ratio of Among Us to create a little puppy companion as well! Jarofrubiesart made a tutorial that results in a cute dog after only a few quick steps!

Showcase your Golden Ratio Among Us Challenge Results

Show us your awesome Among Us creation! Here's a wonderful example by K0T0H1KA of a character made entirely with Among Us shapes.

I even took a shot at the challenge myself using the tips provided above. Here's a quick process video of the character I made using these Among Us tutorials! It was easy and a lot of fun!

Draw your own character inspired by the Golden Ratio Among Us challenge and show us what you have created!
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