A plain blue background showing party decorations, gifts and a cake with various OCs gathered at a table.

We’re having a birthday celebration…AND YOU’RE ALL INVITED! 🥳 🎂

Come celebrate Nova’s birthday during her #BirthdayBash!

Who’s Nova? Nova is one of UnVale’s official OCs! You’ll see her all around the platform, our social media pages, and even here in our events!

In this birthday themed event, you’re participating in a celebration! How would your OC show up? What would they bring as a gift? Do they even like birthdays?! You can draw or write your OC(s) with Nova celebrating her big day OR you can just draw/write about your OC(s) in a birthday scenario! She would still love it!

All submissions made that include Nova will be placed on her official UnVale page and all artists will be properly credited!

Here’s how to get ready for the celebration:

  • Select any OC(s) of your choice that you think would like to celebrate Nova’s birthday! How you want to celebrate is up to you! It could be attending a party, getting ice cream, or even chilling indoors with a fun board game!
    • You can draw/write your OCs with or without Nova!
    • You can make it as detailed or as simple as you’d like! Your submission can include: presents, birthday treats, fun activities, other OCs, and more birthday related things! It’s totally up to you!
  • After uploading your piece to UnVale put the hashtag #BirthdayBash on the OC page!
    • Remember that it won’t work if you just do it on the individual image!

That’s all the work you need to do besides have fun!!! It’s what Nova would want. 😄🧁

We can’t wait to see you at the celebration! 🎉

Event end April 19th, 2024!