Changelog: A New Way to Explore OCs

UnVale platform updates, including a new explore page, better social sharing, bug fixes, and more!

A gallery-style web page with pictures of various characters
UnVale's new Explore page

We know it's been less than week since we shared our new OC features with you, but we have even MORE to talk about! Thank you to everyone that has sent feedback, reported bugs, and shared their UnVale profiles so far. Here's what new on the platform:

  • Explore characters! Check out to browse some of the recent OCs that have been added to the site! After you add a new OC, you'll be able to see them included here. Discover new creators and gain a little bit of character inspiration by reading awesome backstories and perusing new art.
  • Improved social sharing! Social media sites will now correctly preview UnVale links you share, so you can properly entice your followers to visit your OC page with image previews and a snippet of the character description.  Give it a try by sharing your UnVale links with the world!
  • Expanded character description limit! After user feedback, we've slightly expanded the maximum length of character descriptions to 2,000 characters. Now you'll have extra room to share likes, dislikes, personality traits, and more.
  • A variety of other improvements and bug fixes! When you don't include an OC creator on an OC page, that field will now be hidden. Links to artist profiles on the "Artists" page will now go directly to the shop tab. After creating a character, you'll now land on the correct URL so you can immediately share your OC with others.

That's all for now! As always, your feedback is SUPER valuable to us right now, so please don't hesitate to share your thoughts in our Discord server. Special thanks to our development team for absolutely CRUSHING this release! We have more cool stuff on the way, so stay tuned!