Blue and purple gradient background with two people on each side and two shirts in the middle with a swapping symbol.
How would your OC look…in a different Creator’s OC’s clothes? 🤔

Let’s find out how your OCs would look in another OC's clothes in this event/game we’re titling #FitSwap !

In this clothes swapping event, you’ll get to list your OCs for a clothing swap and in turn you also get to pick from other people’s OCs that you’d want to draw YOUR OCs in!

Here’s how to play (please read carefully!):

  • Select any OC(s) of your choice that you're comfortable with other users redrawing their clothes on their own OC(s).
  • Once you have your selected OC(s), put the hashtag #OpenFit on the OC page. This let’s users know that these are the OCs that they can borrow outfits from.
    • As always, please remember that if your OC doesn’t pop up on the tag search the tag was placed incorrectly!
    • ONLY use the clothing from OCs in the tag! Do not use other OC's without the creator's explicit permission.
  • Go through the #OpenFit tag on UnVale and pick an outfit from another OC you want to redraw your OC(s) in.
  • After uploading your OC in their borrowed look to UnVale put the hashtag #FitSwap on the OC page!
    • Remember that it won’t work if you just do it on the individual image!

At the end you can look at who swapped outfits with who! This is a great way to connect with other users and to see your OCs in brand new looks you may not have thought to ever give them!

The deadline for this event will be on April 5th! The showcase will be hosted on April 8th!

Looking forward to seeing everyone in brand new looks! 😎👜