Luxi and Brecoms talk Original Characters, the Dangers of AI, and More

Artist Brecoms and vtuber Luxi talk about original characters, opinions on AI art, and more.

Luxi and Brecoms talk Original Characters, the Dangers of AI, and More

Take a look at some awesome snippets from Luxi's draw along Q&A session with artist Brecoms! If you like what you see, consider commissioning Bre or keeping up with our Twitch Channel for more content like this!

Q: Bre, how did you get started with making art?

 A: So one time I got caught doodling on my homework and I didn't want to get in trouble. I realized because of this that I had started drawing! I wouldn't have considered myself an artist then (around 5th or 6th grade).

Q : So around 6th or 7th grade is when you first started?

 A: That's when I started putting more effort into it.

Q: When did you realize you really want to pursue art?

 A: one day I was running low on paper and realized...I NEED more, I need to keep on drawing. I need to draw.

Bre and Luxi go on to talk further about art as a process and what that journey can be like. They draw together as Bre gives Luxi tips before moving on to the next few questions.

Q: How would you describe your art style?

 A: I would say that it's definitely anime influenced just because of the fact, that, it is. I mainly picked up a lot of different stuff from seeing Jojo's Bizzarre Adventure and things like that; also, if you've ever heard of an artist on Youtube called Neytirix, I've been obsessed with her work for years!

Q: What drawing program do you use and how did you get started using it?

 A: Procreate. A year after I started my first job I decided to get an iPad because I heard many good things about it.

Q: How did you get started {making} original characters?

 A: It started with me thinking things like 'oh that hair looks cool, I think I can attach it to a cool character.' I know growing up for a few months I had just kept pumping out OCs for a long time and after a while I realized it was a lot of work...

Q: How many OCs do you think you have?

A: I would say at least three. I don't know exactly which three, but I know it's three.

Q: What do you mean by which three?

A: I pumped out a lot of characters growing up...but then they got lost. Nine times out of ten (these ideas) are written into a particular sketchbook and that gets lost.

Bre coms continues on to tell Luxi that there is one OC in particular that has always stuck with them; their red-haired character named Tanner.

Q: What makes your OC Tanner your favorite?

 A: It's that he's always been there. He's chilling in the back of my mind every time I'm looking for a character like "hey, don't forget me!"

Q: What are some struggles that you (or your community) have faced when it comes to your art content?

 A: I think something that's gotten on my nerves recently is AI Art. I believe that there is a such thing as healthy competition in terms of selling art. When people come to me for commissions and they say they can find it cheaper else where I'm like 'they can't do what I do, but if they do something that makes you happy then more power to you.' But the people that have bought art from me know that I spend a lot of time making sure that I get every detail right; everything to fit the specs of what the customer wants every single time. So the fact that (an AI) can punch in my name and steal my work and art style basically bar for bar, that's unfortunate. Frankly that's not something I would wish on any other artist.

Bre's nuanced take particularly resonates with us at UnVale as we are firmly against AI art and how it effects artists. Luxi and Bri continue to chat and draw together, learning how to draw things like swords and eyes.

Bre also spoke a bit about the state of art today when referencing problems they face with their community.

Here's some more of what Bre had to say on stream:

"Something I see in my daily life at this point: lot of people treat art in one of two ways: it is either completely dismissed and seen as a sort of frivolous thing, or you see a lot of artists working and being basically sweatshop adjacent so they can keep people entertained and make a living anyway.
 I get that art in itself is a very volatile thing, different levels, different styles and skills, everything; but it's still a craft nonetheless and I feel there should be at least a little bit more respect behind it."
"art is a  process, you've got to trust the process"  -brecoms

We really appreciate that Bri was able to take the time to draw with Luxi and share their story. If you want to follow more of Luxi's adventures definitely check out our Twitch Channel! She regularly hosts draw-alongs, interviews, and a ton of other fun content. For the full interview with Bre, check out this video on our Youtube!

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