UnVale's Writing Challenge: A Day Off

UnVale's Writing Challenge: A Day Off
Let's give our OCs a break! What are they doing to relax for a day?

It’s time to write about our OCs!!

Inspired by NaNoWriMo happening this month we would like to present to you, UnVale’s very first Writing Challenge!

Do you have an OC or two (or many) who’s in need of some lore or just general story? Maybe you want to figure out a way to flesh out their world a bit more? Perhaps you’re looking to figure out more of their quirks and traits? Then this event is for you!

We’re challenging users to work on the stories of their OCs through scenarios!📝

The Scenario for this event is “Your OC has a day off! How do they spend their time?”

Here’s how you can participate!

  • Select your OC of choice and write out their scene based on the scenario given above.
  • Post your short story on UnVale for all to read!
  • After you’ve posted your written content put the hashtag #UVDayOff on your character’s main page!
  • Check out other folks who are also participating and learn about each other’s characters together!

Congrats! Once you’ve done all of that, you now have a short story about your OC! 😉

During this event we also encourage you to fill out more of your selected OC(s) Traits! This will help you get a better idea of how they may react and move about in their world.

Looking forward to reading and learning more about everyone’s OCs!