9 OCs in a beach setting with the UnVale logo, hashtag, and a small blurb of the event.

Sunshine, cool water, beach balls, and more! ☀️ 🏐

Join us for UnVale’s Beach Day! 🏖️ 🩴

We’re giving our OCs a break from their day to day activities and taking a trip to the sandy shore. You can use this as an opportunity to draw your OCs in new attire, write about what a day at the beach would be like, or even create your own short comic!

Here’s how you can participate!

  • Create a piece (illustration, writing, comic) that features your OC(s) in a beach setting. They could be in the water, sun bathing, making a sandcastle, eating sandwiches, playing volleyball, you name it!
  • If you want to be a part of the collaborative piece, be sure to upload your illustration with a TRANSPARENT background!
  • Please note that while this is a beach event, this is still a PG-13 space! Please keep this in mind with our creations!
  • Please keep in mind our no nipples rule! If you need a refresher, check out our Content Guidelines!
  • Once you’ve completed your work, upload it to your OC page with the hashtag #UVBeachDay!

Entries for the collaborative image will close on July 19th! Any submissions posted after will unfortunately not be included but are still free to participate and post for in the event!

Want to collaborate with another user? Here’s how!

  • Put your OCs that are ready for the beach and open for collaboration up with the tag #BeachBound.
  • Once you’ve gone through the tag and created something with you and another user’s OC, upload on to your OC page with the tag #BeachBuddies!
  • When using another person's OC you MUST credit them somewhere on the page. Please do not use OCs of others not in the #BeachCarpool tag! This would be considered using others' OCs without their permission.

After that, you’re done and ready to have some fun in the sun! The big collaborative image will be shared on July 26th!

Grab your sunscreen, beach umbrellas, and towels! It’s time for a fun, chaotic, “sand in your pants” time. 🩳 🏖️