Banner displaying a person drawing on a tablet with fun facts surrounding them. The hashtag #UVCreators is listed up top.
It’s a new year and we want to get to meet the creators of UnVale!

We’re not done with our New Year’s festivities and now it’s time to learn about YOU!!

Join us for an event that we’re calling #UVCreators! Inspired by an event we’re sure many of you have heard called #MeetTheArtist !

#UVCreators is a time for you to introduce yourself to the community! You can show up as yourself (illustrated only) or your sona and tell us a bit more of who you are and what you do! As UnVale continues to grow and evolve we’d love to get to learn more about the creators coming along with us!

Here’s a few ways on how you can participate!

  • Create a new OC page (if you don’t have one already) and add an illustrated image of yourself/sona with some fun facts!
    • Please do not post selfies or any other irl photos!
    • You can also use UnVale’s custom template if you’re interested! Check below for it!
  • Write about yourself or your sona either in Writing or Traits! Please remember to not give too much information! Simple fun facts are all you need! Practice online safety!
  • Create a World with you and some of your top 3 OCs!
  • Once you’ve done one of these things, put the hashtag #UVCreators directly on your sona page!

This is a really chill and exciting way to get connected with other creators on UnVale! Maybe this will be a way to find a new companion or even get more OC inspiration!

I can’t wait to meet and get to know everyone some more with this event! 🤝