Retelling famous stories in your own way!

Once upon a time…there was an event where OCs took over different fairy tales?!

That’s right! We’re having an OC Fairytale takeover!! And we’re calling it #UVFairytale ! 🧚🏾

What if your OC took over the role of Cinderella? Maybe you have a trio of OCs that could be the three little pigs? Perhaps your biggest gremlin is now Rumpelstiltskin! The sky’s the limit of how you can re-imagine your OCs into these classic stories!

Here’s how you can join in!

  • Redraw or write about your OC as a classic fairytale character!
    • Please keep all content within UnVale’s Mature Guidelines!
  • If you feel it’s fit, make a whole new OC page and fill out their new story with their fairytale lore!
  • Give them new Traits and if you have enough, put them into their own World!
  • After uploading your piece to UnVale put the hashtag #UVFairytale on the OC page!
  • Remember that it won’t work if you just do it on the individual image! It must be on the full OC page!

And that’s all!

The deadline to submit your work is March 1st, 2024!

So excited to see the magic (and mayhem) your OCs will bring in these stories!! ✨