Graphic of outer space, containing Earth, the moon, and various different designed planets.
What would your OC be like in space?

Hello UnVale…ready to go to space with us?

Join us for a galactic event called #UVInSpace ! 🚀

In this totally spaced out event, you and your OCs get to partake in this space fantasy event through art and writing! Will your OCs become an alien? Maybe an astronaut? Will you take them to a whole new world? The galaxies are the limit! 🌌

Here’s how you can participate in this galactic adventure:

  • Pick any OC(s) of your choice that you would want to put in your space scenario.
  • Create a piece of either art or writing your OC(s) fit for a sci-fi setting.
  • After uploading your piece to UnVale put the hashtag #UVInSpace on the OC page!
    • Remember that it won’t work if you just do it on the individual image or piece of writing!

And that’s all you need to do!

There will be a showcase for all illustrated/graphic pieces showing everyone’s sparkling creations on March 20th! You’ll have until March 18th to get all of your submissions posted to be included!

We can’t wait to see you all in the starry universe! 💫