A Valentine's Card Trading Event for you and a friend!

The time for love is in the air!...for a treat with your OCs and a friend of course! 💘🍫🍰

Join us in for an event we’re calling #UVSweets! Our first ever paired event challenge!

Valentine’s Day is coming up, but what better way to enjoy the holiday than sharing it with a special someone? In this event, users will get to pair up with a friend/partner to create special cards to trade with each other here on UnVale! Have a friend who’s not on the platform? Invite them over! Are they already here? Even better! At the end of it all we’ll be doing one big showcase to check out everyone’s cards which you then can upload on UnVale and trade with each other!

Here’s how to join in!

  • Pick a friend you want to work together with to trade cards! If they’re not already on UnVale, invite them in!
  • Once you have your partner selected, create a piece of their OC(s) dressed in a theme or holding a sweet treat!
    • If you know the person you’re creating for is more of a savory person, you can do that too!
    • Please keep the challenge submissions within UnVale’s Mature Guidelines!
  • If making art isn’t your jam, write about it! It could be a poem, song lyrics, or even a short story!
  • Once you finish, trade! Give your piece to your partner/friend to upload on their OC page!
    • Then you can credit each other in the Creator section of the image!
  • After uploading your gifted card to UnVale, put the hashtag #UVSweets on the OC page!
    • Remember that it won’t work if you just add the hashtag the individual image or piece of written content! It must be on the full OC page!
  • After the deadline there will be a showcase hosted in the UnVale Discord sharing all the cards and the pairs!

And that’s all there is to it!

The deadline to submit your work is February 14th, 2024! Then there will be a showcase for all visual art created on February 16th, 2024!

We look forward to having you along for a lovely, sweet time! 🍭