Image of two hands opening a red bag. Inside is various different items. The event hashtag #WhatsInMyBag is on the image.
Show us the bag! Your OC bag that is!

It’s a new year and we want to keep learning more about your OCs!

Join us for an event we’re calling #WhatsInMyBag!

#WhatsInMyBag is an event for you to share with us what’s potentially in your OC’s bag! What are some daily things they carry around? Do they have practical items? Sentimental stuff? Do they even have a normal bag? We want to know!

Here’s a few ways on how you can participate!

  • Create an image showing off the things they have in their bag.
  • Write about what’s in their bag
  • Or even use the Traits tab to share what’s in their bag!
  • Once you’ve done one of these things (or all of these things if you want!), put the hashtag #WhatsInMyBag directly on your OC page!

And it’s that simple! This is a fun way to character build and figure out more things about not only your OC, but also the world they live in!

We can’t wait to get a peek inside of what’s in their bags! I hope someone has candy in theirs! 🍬