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Let's have the biggest OC link-up ever!

You know what’s cool about having OCs? It’s knowing that your OCs can meet OTHER people’s OCs!! And that’s just what we’re here to do!

Join in for another fun collaborative event that we’re calling #LetsMeet! 🤝

In this chill get-together event, you’ll first list your OCs that are open to meeting new OCs! Then, you can write about or even draw your OCs with those OCs looking to meet up! Would they become besties? Frenemies? Mortal enemies?! Only one way to find out!

Here’s how to participate (please read carefully!)

  • Select any OC(s) of your choice that you’re comfortable with other users potentially drawing or writing about with their own OC(s).
    • It’s highly recommended that you have a good image of your OC, fill out some Traits, and/or maybe have a small description of them in their bio!
  • Once you’ve selected the OC(s), put the hashtag #LetsMeet directly on the OC page. This will let other users know which OC(s) is available for meeting others!**
    • Remember to check that your OC pops up in the tag! If it doesn’t that means the tagging was done incorrectly!
    • Please do not use OCs of others not in the #LetsMeet tag! This would be considered using others' OCs without their permission.
  • Go through the #LetsMeet tag and find some OCs to meet with your OCs! Remember that you’re free to draw or write about them together!
  • After uploading your work to your UnVale page put the hashtag #WeMet on the OC page AND credit the creator of the OC that’s meeting your OC(s).

In the end, you get to meet a bunch of OCs, potentially meet new creators, and get filled with a ton of inspiration!

Let’s have one of the best OC link ups ever! 👯