Year of the Rabbit Art Showcase

Year of the Rabbit Art Showcase

The Lunar New Year takes place on January 22nd and according to the Chinese zodiac 2023 is the year of the rabbit. This new year has already had an exciting start as many skilled artists are taking the opportunity to celebrate with rabbit themed artwork. Let's take a look at some of these beautiful creations to welcome in the new year.

This wonderful rabbit stamp below by artist madebymalin is a bright and warm-toned shout out to the new year. The artist uses warm colors and a lineless art style to paint the rabbit and surrounding plants. This picture conveys a sense of joy and purpose as we all move forward into the year of the rabbit together.

Speaking of good tidings going into the new year, artist foxinajacket has posted this gorgeous rabbit art to wish us all peace and success moving into 2023. The artist uses symbols in their work to represent the Water Rabbit and shares more insight into the meaning of the rabbit for the new year in their tweet.

Many artists are drawing rabbits for their first pieces to start the year and sharing them online. Drawing a celebratory drawing is a great way to have some fun and rabbits are a really versatile theme. The artwork below by artist s_slowie is their first art of the year and features a super cute bunny character with lots of special balloons. The character has a joyful expression and the overall piece provides a feeling of great excitement for 2023.

Watching time-lapse videos is a helpful way to learn some new skills and understand more about your favorite artists. This video below by katriadoodles features a lovely illustration of a rabbit in winter. During the video the artist provides some thoughts on composition while breaking down their own unique process. We also have to point out the cute cardinal in the bottom left corner and the way the colors of the piece tie everything together perfectly.

Drawing rabbit themed fan art is another fun way to celebrate the New Year through illustration. This post below showcases some cute rabbit fan art by Ms. Ice Cream. The pieces feature popular rabbit characters like Oswald or My Melody hanging out with the fantastic pink blob Kirby! The artist has a really colorful artstyle that highlights the shape and personality of each character.

The start of the New Year is the perfect time to break out some traditional art supplies and start painting. The piece below by artist Triskelion is an inspiring work of art called Bunny's Dream. This art features surrealist shapes and pastel colors that all work together to tell a story. The artist is skilled at making simpler shapes feel extra meaningful.

This cute character design by karutanarts featured below reminds us all to give bunnies a lot of love as we begin 2023. Their character has a creative design that looks cute and has a nice balance of colors. This is the perfect time to try creating a bunny rabbit themed character of your own for the New Year. You could also consider designing a rabbit themed outfit for one of your existing characters, or commissioning someone to do it for you!

Finally, this super cute and bouncy rabbit animation from RickaZemira will leave you jumping for joy.  This animation was made in Krita, a free digital painting program, and the artist did a fantastic job at using the tools and colors to make the illustration come alive. This is such a great way to start out the year.

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